Klick’s Class of 2016

The big news coming out of Klick Business Solutions this week is that a new member of staff has joined our ever-growing team. University of Liverpool graduate Duncan Smith has been recruited as Klick’s latest Tender Writer, enhancing the quality of the bid writing services we provide to our wide range of clients.

The arrival of Duncan further demonstrates Klick Business Solution’s commitment to giving young and determined individuals the chance to prove their worth, as he becomes the third university graduate to join the business since September 2015.

Managing Director, Andrea Childs, took the conscious decision last year to take advantage of the wealth of qualified graduates looking for work within the West Midlands by specifically advertising for graduate vacancies when recruiting new members of staff. The process for a student leaving university and then having to find a full-time graduate role that reflects the degree qualification they have achieved can be a notoriously difficult one.

The vast competition for job roles and increasingly high standards set by employers as a result of this surge of graduates looking for work has made it difficult for a lot of individuals to find the employment opportunities they desire upon leaving university. This is something I experienced first-hand upon graduation from De Montfort University in 2014.

The period between graduating in 2014 and joining Klick in September 2015 was a long and arduous one. I had found part-time work at another university during term time, a position I was grateful to be offered as it was a positive working environment with good people. However, I was desperate for full-time employment in a role where I could fully apply the skills I had developed during my study and the search for this was one with many knock backs, usually after waiting a considerable amount of time to receive a response.

As my then current role with the university was a position to be fulfilled during term time only, leading up to September I had spent over three months out of work and the hours spent job searching and completing numerous extensive application forms was becoming a tiresome and deflating experience.

In August 2015 I saw the job advertisement for the role of ‘Tender Writer’ at Klick Business Solutions. Like many vacancies before, I saw a list of required and desired qualifications and abilities that I knew I could bring to the company and submitted an application, expecting to receive a response in the next couple of weeks. To give you an indication of how efficiently our Managing Director operates, I received a response from Andrea Childs on the same evening and within the space of a week, I was called in for two separate interviews.

Small businesses can receive great benefits from graduate employment and I am incredibly grateful that Klick Business Solutions recognised this and provided me with the opportunity to apply my skills and experience to the world of tender writing.

Me receiving a 'Star Award' from Office Manager Lyn Kimpton for writing a winning tender

Me receiving a ‘Star Award’ from Office Manager Lyn Kimpton for writing a winning tender

I was not the only ex-student recruited at this time though, as University of Worcester English Literature graduate Grace Millward joined the team on the exact same day, and has similar views on the process that led to employment and the positive experiences she has had as a Klick employee:

“Having never had a full-time job before, coming out of university and throwing myself into the world of work was a daunting experience. To then discover that  a thriving business providing services on a national scale were looking for English graduates and were only down the road from me was fantastic and it was an opportunity I was keen take advantage of. I’ve loved being part of the team environment here and it’s certainly a great opportunity for a graduate to make their entrance into full-time work.”

Grace and I certainly like to think we have made significant contributions to some of the success Klick have had over the past few months, especially as the company have now decided to take another graduate on!

Duncan joins us having spent time working for Sainsbury’s since graduating and we have no doubt he’ll settle in and have a positive impact on our provision of tender writing services straight away. Local businesses recruiting graduates is a step in the right direction for economic development within our communities and Klick’s Managing Director certainly has no regrets from a business point of view for changing the focus of her recruitment strategy.

Both Andrea and Office Manager Lyn Kimpton cite the ambition, drive and continued desire to keep learning which they have experienced from graduate employees as some of the reasons why Klick Business Solutions has benefitted and why they will continue to look to hire graduates in the future.