Congratulations to Our Office Manager Lyn Kimpton!

Here at Klick we are delighted to announce that our Office Manager Lyn Kimpton has been shortlisted for the Mayor of Dudley Civic Awards in the Mike Holder Award for Business Category.

Lyn has been with Klick since 2009 and is a much loved member of our team. Managing day to day operations, Lyn is the one ensuring those all important deadlines are hit, quotes are out on time and submission standards are kept high. She has been instrumental this year to the growth of Klick, by driving the business forward whilst also maintaining Klicks usual and high quality standards are met. Always always going the extra mile for our clients and our team. Lyn can be relied upon to provide positive, encouraging and helpful words to keep us motivated.

The mayor of Dudley, Councillor Dave Tyler has had a really successful year. We at Klick have been lucky enough to meet him on several occasions and the support he has given to businesses in the Dudley Borough has been invaluable. We were thrilled to receive these kind words from him: .

“Klick Business Solutions is a ‘beacon of hope’ for many customers in the current business climate and their expertise will be needed in future by SME’s as they wade through the Brexit aftermath. The company have a high profile social media presence and can be seen offering guidance and support on a daily basis to all contacts. The Mayor’s visit was both enjoyable and instructive and he takes every opportunity to tell other business leaders and directors that help is only a call away “

Here at Klick we could not be more proud of Lyn, we are really looking forward to the ball on the 20th April.

This Annual Event is an opportunity for local businesses to help reward the hard work of those who go above and beyond in the borough. The event also brings members of the community and businesses together in a night of celebration whilst also raising vital funds for the Mayors selected charities. For more information about the event, or on the charities the event is sponsoring follow the below link: