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Who's Writing your Tenders this Summer?

With summer fast approaching (although I know it doesn’t seem that way at the moment!) have you put plans in place to cover your tender management support for any submissions due over the holiday period? Now is the time to think about organising this cover so that you and your colleagues can enjoy a break without the stress of worrying whether your tender has been completed and submitted…..or not.

When it comes to tendering, there is very rarely any leeway with deadlines. Deadlines will not change just because you have decided to book two weeks in the sun and Buyers will definitely not wait to release a tender until after the summer just in case all their suppliers are away!

You need to thoroughly plan ahead and establish a strategy to cover any staff shortage.

Plan Ahead:

  • Make note of any possible tenders due out (these could be contracts that you currently hold or new ones) and pass this information on to whoever is supporting with tenders so that they can keep a look out for them.

  • Create a timeline for any submissions due, both leading up to and during your holiday - what needs to be completed and by when, what you are waiting for and who is responsible for completing it. Make sure you are in a good place to hand over before you leave.

  • Create submission instructions for each tender. Pull out the main information from the specification and note it down in one place to ensure everyone knows the important information. This could include deadlines, how it needs to be sent back, is there a particular font to be used etc.?

  • Ensure your tender support team are aware of, and familiar with, the portals being used for each tender and that they are checking each portal regularly for clarifications and updates.


Alternatively, you could outsource your tender support. Here at Klick Business Solutions, we assist companies with their tender submissions right from the initial Tender release all the way through to submission and are able to provide tender support cover for clients during peak holiday periods. Below is a list of some of the services we can provide:

  • Downloading of documents and initial portal set up.

  • Ensuring a thorough understanding of all tender documents.

  • Set up of response documents ready for population.

  • Completion of SQ, formal forms etc.

  • Research as required, including both Client and Buyer research.

  • Brainstorming to discuss technical answers.

  • Preparation of written responses to technical questions.

  • Proofread/vet of technical questions.

  • Completed electronic copy of the technical responses provided on separate Word documents for approval.

  • Technical responses inserted in to main document/uploaded to portal for submission.

  • Formatting of the tender document and responses to submission ready standard (excludes the pricing side of the submission)

  • Management of appendices and supporting documents

  • Management of Q&A’s and electronic portals & dissemination to all involved parties.

To get a plan in place for when you are away, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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