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When to 'Swipe Right' on a Tender!

Do you have a desk full of tenders/bids and a management team who think you should bid for all of them? Do you see tendering in the same way as buying a lottery ticket every week, using a conveyor belt approach to churn out hundreds of bids/tenders, and hoping that one eventually wins? Instead, you need to start ‘swiping left’ until you can ‘swipe right’ on the perfect match for your company!

To be consistent with winning bids, it is vital to choose the right opportunities for you, that are realistic to carry out in terms of your size and capabilities. Have you got similar experience? Have you carried out projects of this size before? Being realistic with your Bid or No Bid decision will save you time, money and will significantly increase your win rate.

Put your time, energy, and money into targeting the right opportunities with the highest likelihood of success. Use clear methods and tools to work out when to tender rather than wasting resources across various bids where the likelihood of success is marginal. We suggest the following bid/no bid factors:

- Is the location manageable for you?

- Have you got similar contracts or previous experience?

- Is it financially viable?

- Do you have the capacity and resources to deliver?

Make sure you have read all of the documents, the entire specification, and are confident that you can deliver all the services they are asking for. You must be able to meet all the mandatory criteria, and if you are unsure what they are asking for, don’t be afraid to raise clarifications, it could save you a lot of time to be clear from the start.

Feel free to contact us direct for help finding your company's match!

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