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Every week our writers work hard to ensure all deadlines are successfully met whilst maintaining our usual high quality standard which gives our clients the best possible outcome for every tender submitted.

This blog is focused on Deadlines. Every tender you submit will have a deadline. These are rarely, if ever extended. It is vital that you are focused on the deadline from the time the tender is released to the time it is submitted.

Normally buyers set tender timescales based on how long they think it will take you to put together your response. Typically, most tenders we see give you a 3-4 week timescale. It is important to remember that the longer you are given, the more complex the tender response will be and the more time consuming it will be to prepare the bid.

We, at Klick always work towards deadlines and are happy and comfortable that as professional bid writers, we have the knowledge, time and manpower to solely focus on each individual tender. Unfortunately, if tender writing isn’t your core responsibility all this work will have to be done around your usual day to day duties. Therefore, it is vital to organise a timeline to ensure enough time is allocated to your bid to give you the best chance of producing a quality submission. Time management is crucial and you will need to allow for any eventuality, for example:

- Portal Issues

- Inaccurate word counts

- Missing Information

- Unsigned documents

- Q&A Deadlines – most tenders have a Q&A Deadline date as well as a tender submission date. An essential part of your process should be reading and dealing with any queries in the first instance prior to commencing any work on your tender.

With tender writing time is key, you need to manage your time effectively. Producing a winning bid with all the content needed takes alot of time, reading and management. It is important to remember that producing winning tenders is not just a box ticking exercise. Your tender needs to stand out against your competition to sell your business.

Klick is committed to working with businesses to support, assist and offer advice on winning tenders, for more information please contact Georgina on

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