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Bid or No Bid?

The Importance of making effective Bid / No Bid Decisions

  • Do you have a Bid Strategy?

  • What is your strategy when looking at potential bid opportunities?

Businesses that have a more ad-hoc approach to tendering are more likely to bid on every single opportunity that comes their way in the hope that they will win a tendered contract at some point.

I meet Business Development Directors all the time who tell me that tendering is a waste of their time and that they never win any new business from tendering. When I ask them what they fail on they tell me that they didn’t get feedback. Or worse, they didn’t get through because they did not meet a part of the mandatory criteria set on the selection questionnaire.

This is why applying a rational, realistic and effective Bid or No Bid process prior to commencing any tender project should always be applied. In order to win a tender you need to research your potential buyer, you need to spend time on the submission. Our bid writers’ work solely on one bid and in some cases can spend up to 3 weeks on just one submission.

Imagine the cost to your business, for your time writing a bid only to be told you failed at the first stage because you missed a requirement set out in the mandatory criteria as part of the initial questionnaire.

Before even considering a completing a tender you need to ask:

  • Do we meet the mandatory criteria?

  • Can we realistically deliver this contract to the cost specified by the buyer?

  • What do we have that our competitors don’t have that will make or bid stand out?

  • Do we have the resources and manpower to complete this tender?

Getting this right is crucial as you will then be able to focus on bidding for the right opportunities ultimately saving you time, money and giving you a much higher chance at tender success.

Need Help?

As outsource bid writers Klick Business Solutions have 15 years experience writing and winning bids for both the Public and Private Sector. We work with our clients to write winning and compelling buyer focussed tenders. We have huge success rates and work with a diverse range of businesses on a National level. For more information on Klick and what we do please get in touch, email me or call 01384 279 568

Need Training?

Alongside tender tracking service B2B Quote, Managing Director of Klick Business Solutions Andrea Childs provides Tender Training courses. Our training covers everything from an Introduction to Tendering, to Improving and Sharpening your Existing Tender Writing skills. For more information on training please see or call on 01902 712 191.

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