Writing Effective Tenders – Restricted and Open Procedures

If you have started to think about tendering for New Business the chances are you have come across Restricted and Open Procedures.  What does this actually mean to tenders and what is the difference between the two?

Restricted Procedure (Restricted) – Minimum 2 stage process  SQ followed by ITT

 A restricted procedure is a procurement method that limits the amount of businesses that are able to tender for a contract. Normally a restricted procedure will require a bidder to complete an SQ (Selection Questionnaire) in the first instance. Following a successful SQ a selected number of bidders will be invited to tender. A reason for this method of procurement could be to enable competition to be confined to a selective number thus reducing the number of competitive bids invited to ITT stage.

Open Procedure (Unrestricted) Minimum 1 stage combined SQ and ITT

An open tender involves the completion and submission of the SQ and ITT together. Please bear in mind that both Restricted and Un-Restricted procedures will require you to adhere to clear and precise specifications and strict deadlines.

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