Working from Home

You may be aware that yesterday, following the Government Guidelines, we have decided working from home is the best option moving forward. We have NOT stopped working; we will continue to provide clients with our award-winning professional services. We are just socially distancing ourselves to help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are lucky enough to have the option to work remotely to help the nation achieve this.

We have team conference calls set up for 9am and 4pm. This will ensure that we are all still communicating, we are all in the loop and know exactly what is happening. We are trying to keep high spirited, so instead of our normal ‘dress down Friday’ we will be having fancy hat competition on Friday morning’s Team Conference Call – don’t worry, we will definitely be posting pictures! Our first call this morning was very successful. Everyone was dressed appropriately, had no distracting objects in background, and we all managed to speak without being interrupted!

We cannot stress to you enough that this is BUSINESS AS USUSAL for us at Klick Business Solutions. The only changes will be our inability to partake in the 12-person drink rounds, and of course there will be no “beautiful” singing from Gie!

If you normally complete tenders yourself and are feeling the pressure,  PLEASE get in touch! We can help you wherever possible. Tender deadlines do not seem to be extending, and new tenders are still being released on a daily basis. We are keeping optimistic about this and encourage you all to do the same!

Also, if you are currently ill and self-isolating and don’t have friends or family at hand to help, please be in touch. We will try and help you wherever possible. We are all still fit (mostly) and well. We are happy to walk dogs, prescription collect, food shop etc. We have to stick together at times like these and as always, Klick are more than happy to muck in!

Stay safe – Klick x