Work Experience at Klick

Hi, I’m Ollie

Between 07/10/2019 – 11/10/2019 I’ve worked at Klick. I’m currently writing this on Friday and this is what I’ve done so far. On the first day, I had 2 Excel spreadsheets and I deleted duplicate info, added important info from one spreadsheet to the other and I did this with many separate tabs on the documents. I also made tenders on and then added bids onto those with documents related to the specified tender. The next day I did the same thing, adding tenders and bids which contained important information. On Wednesday I sent some tenders to companies that could possibly be interested as they would be working in the field specified e.g. Would send email about gardening to gardening companies in an area. I then the next day sent many Tenders to potential clients (With no response) and I also researched about a Council’s Newsletters and Charity info. 

Today, I’ve sent a few more tenders to possible clients and I’ve also written this letter! 

I’ve also received a Box of Chocolates and a great letter from Andrea. This week I’ve had a great time speaking with people, doing work which is still more entertaining than School and, I’ve made some cups of tea. I’m really happy I did Work Experience at Klick and thanks to everyone. I’m dreading going back to school as this week’s gone by really fast but I really appreciate having a week here. 

Thank you all for having me 😊