What is a Variant Bid?

In some tender situations it may be possible for you to submit a VARIANT BID.

  • What is a VARIANT BID and how can you use this to your advantage to make your tender submission stand out from your competition?

If you are submitting a tender document and feel that you can offer an alternative solution to the buyer that will benefit and improve the standard of service you provide always check the tender spec to see if a VARIANT BID will be accepted.

If the answer is yes, you can put ALONGSIDE your initial bid an alternative way to deliver the contract that could potentially save the buyer both money, time and improve the service they receive from you as a supplier. Normally a VARIANT BID is a 4 to 5-page document offering an improved solution to the original tender requirements.

Think about what you do well, how you do it and how you can do it better, what better alternative can you offer the buyer?

Please be aware that it is vital you ensure you answer the original tender specification and submit your VARIENT BID alongside your original bid to avoid your tender submission being rejected as non-compliant.

If you do not answer the original spec your tender will be classed as non-compliant and will be rejected by the buyer. Do not offer a variant bid if it is not in the specification. Remember in every tender situation you must READ the full spec to ensure you are meeting every single requirement. A variant bid if accepted, is classed an extra not an essential requirement.

We can help you with your tender and work with clients on VARIANT BIDS all the time. If written correctly its a fantastic way for you to show that your business can offer an enhanced service to the buyer – thus making your bid stand out from your competition.

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