Top Tender Tips: Volume II

Earlier this week Klick Business Solutions provided you with some of our ‘Top Tender Tips’ for completing successful tenders and winning important contracts for your business. You may have found yourself snowed under (not literally we hope) during early January and therefore will have missed this invaluable advice.

Fear not. We don’t want anybody to miss out on our nuggets of wisdom so we have provided the link to the article directly below in order for you to take some of our expert guidance on board:

The further good news is that we are not finished there and have more top tips for you today! Given the wide range of services Klick have provided as a tender writing company since our inception in 2007, we have encountered many issues associated with completing successful bids and as a result are in the best place possible to offer guidance on how to consistently find winning solutions.

  1. When the documentation is released, print it, read it and highlight/post-it note the key area

The sooner the better, don’t ‘file’ it in your tray!

  1. If you have questions on the content of the tender document, raise them with the buyer

You must understand clearly the requirement, the rules and the evaluation criteria.  You will not get marked down for raising a valid clarification.

  1. Time management

Treat the tender as a project and put together a timetable for its completion for completing your tender response.

  1. Delegation

As we know here at Klick, writing a winning bid is a team effort. Use the knowledge and experience of your operational colleagues; do not try to ‘go it alone’.

  1. Make your response ‘reader friendly’

Do not provide an answer that is too technical; think about who your audience is. Always check if you can use images/pictures/screenshots to make your response stand out from your competitors.

  1. Answer the question you have been asked!

Split the question down into sections. Answer each section and always look to provide evidence to back up what you’re telling the buyer.

  1. A winning bid contains demonstrable evidence

Provide good, relevant evidence and proof from your experience in delivering your product or service to other clients.  You need to be able to prove you can provide exactly what you are offering the buyer, so if you are asked to provide references, choose well!

  1. Add value to the buyer

Always look to what can you give the buyer over and above what they have asked for in their specification.  How can you EXCEED what the buyer requires? Many bidders will tell the buyer that they can provide what has been asked for in the specification, but they may not have offered or demonstrated a component of their service that adds value to the buyer’s requirements.

So that wraps up Volume II of ‘Top Tender Tips’, we hope that you will find this advice helpful and can incorporate it effectively into your tender writing practices. These are all tips we apply to our bid writing operations every day and they have consistently contributed to our continued success in winning important contracts for our clients.

Of course with our expertise in this area, it may be an idea to utilise our knowledge and experience to assist you with completing the tenders that are vital to your business. You can find information on our website regarding the full range of services we offer as well as our contact details for you to get in touch.

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