Time waits for no one…

If there is one thing we dislike doing at Klick, it is turning work down. We do everything in our ability to facilitate jobs that are sent our way. However, we will only ever take on jobs when we have the time to complete them to our usual high standards and not have to rush them.

If you are a new client to Klick, then the more time we have to complete the job for you the better. As we like to be able to get to know your company inside and out to allow us to complete the quality submission to the best of our ability, with a clear understanding of how your company works along with your unique selling points to enable us to display your company in its best light.

For this to happen we like to have a minimum of four weeks to complete the job from initial meeting to submission. We understand that this is not always possible, and we will always look to facilitate where we can. However, if we do not feel as though we have enough time to do your company justice, then we will have no choice but to turn down the job.

Should we have already worked with your company previously, and therefore already have a working knowledge of your company, it may be possible for us to complete the tender in 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the tender. We still like to have the time to complete the submission to the best of our ability, but our existing understanding of how your company works allows us to complete the submission in a shorter timescale.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to not sit on jobs. As soon as the opportunity is released, send it us. Even if you do not have chance to sort the documents, we can see where we can help to make sure we have the capacity to complete your tender.

‘let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning’.