Tendering Simplified

Small businesses across the United Kingdom will be delighted to hear that undergoing the tender process will never have been easier than it will be in 2017.

The government are making concerted attempts to simplify the procurement process, in order to ensure that small businesses are not struggling to access great opportunities due the lengthy and complicated process associated with many tender opportunities.

We have recently seen the introduction of the Supplier Questionnaire (SQ), a simpler and less time-intensive document which will in time replace the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) format entirely.

SQ’s allow for a more standardised process where questions and requirements are the same from to tender to tender, allowing bidders to have pre-saved responses ready to be recycled. As this is the first step of the procurement process which aims to outline a bidder’s technical and financial competency, there is an abundance of basic company information required that does not need to be re-invented for each different SQ submission.

This is one of the methods implemented by the government which aims to allow small businesses greater access to potential new work. In fact it is the government’s aim that by 2020, £1 of every £3 will be spent with small businesses.

As Tender Writing specialists, we are very aware of the difficulties presented to small business who attempt to bid for valuable contracts. Companies with limited resources simply can’t find the time to undergo exhaustive procurement processes and it can feel like a wasted effort if you can’t commit the appropriate time to forming the best submission you possibly can.

We sincerely hope the government’s commitment to simplifying this process enables more companies to bid for work to add to their portfolio. However, if you’re a company who feels you would benefit from specialist support with a particular opportunity you’re looking at, there are far worse ideas than contacting us.