Sales Proposal Writing

Sales Proposal Writing

Whether you’re selling services or products that cost £1,000 or £100,000, putting together a compelling sales proposal is time consuming and can be intimidating.

Writing that proposal and taking the time to do it right may be the most productive use of your time. Don’t make the mistake of carelessly throwing a whole lot of facts and figures at a client and hoping you will magically walk away with a sale. Consistently using a formula for building a compelling proposal will improve your sales and make you much more confident.

Klick Business Solutions proposal writing service helps bidders complete professional and compelling proposals that meet all mandatory requirements and help score top points. Working directly with the client, we will ensure each proposal is written clearly and concisely, compelling decision makers to look favourably at the proposed solution.

We will uncover the essential information needed to complete a convincing proposal. Clients provide their subject matter expertise on the goods and services being proposed, which the team at Klick reviews critically to ensure clarity and conciseness for maximum reader impact.

Our goal is to promote the client’s strengths while offsetting any perceived weaknesses the product/service or bidding organisation may have.

Throughout the process clients receive several versions of draft documents, allowing them to maintain control over the presentations appearance and writing styles, ensuring a satisfactory finished proposal.

For clients who select our Proposal Management Service, Klick Business Solutions manages the entire production process from start to finish. Starting with a kick-off meeting with the client to review the requirements, then project managing the process and available resources. We oversee the completion of the finished proposal along with printing, (if required), to meet the closing deadline.