Sales Presentations

Sales Presentations

So you’ve got through the first stage of the tender process and have now been asked to present your business to the prospective client?

Most tender presentation requests will give a clear and definitive brief as to what they expect to see in the presentation and if this is not understood and implemented it can count against you.

Many companies get carried away with their sales presentations, focussing on what they want to say, rather than understanding what the client is actually looking to find out about your business.

There are a number of pitfalls to avoid including the quality and clarity of your sales presentation, understanding of the needs and ensuring it meets the set time frame allocated.

We can help your business prepare for a ‘pitch’ and whilst we can’t physically be there with you, we can ensure you are fully prepared and equipped to deliver a killer presentation with supporting documents and handouts.

Klick Business Solutions will be providing Sales Presentation Training this June / July For more information on how we can help you sharpen your Sales Presentation skills please contact us:

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Understanding how to set objectives for a presentation and what is to be achieved
Planning and preparing for a presentation
How to structure and design a presentation
Body language
Opening the presentation and breaking the ice
Key skills in delivering a presentation and handling audience reaction
Speaking with confidence
Closing the presentation and next actions
Creation of PowerPoint presentations
Creation of leave behind material
Rehearsals of presentations
Timing of the presentation