Managing the Tender Process

Managing the Tender Process

We can manage your complete tender process from start to finish, by sourcing tender opportunities straight through to submission and review.

With the Managing Tender Process we have years of experience in successfully securing contracts for our clients in a wide range of industries through the submission of public and private sector tenders.

Our complete service includes:

Sourcing tender opportunities
Ensuring you qualify for a tender process before commencing
Completing PQQs
Completing ITTs & Bids
Liaison with your various departments and staff
Clarifying how scores on tender process will be awarded
Providing clarity on questions
Ensuring you have all the necessary documentation
Creating Policy & Procedure documents if you do not have any
Document critiques
Ensuring you complete the tender correctly
Pre submission review meetings
Providing supporting information
Designing presentations
Compiling, printing and binding of submissions
Uploading on-line submissions
Reviewing results / response of tender

If you are interested in finding out more about our Tender Management Service, please contact us here.