Completing Selection Questionnaires (SQ’s)

Klick Business Solutions can help you source opportunities and submit Supplier Selection Questionnaires (SQs).

Detailed below is information on what SQs are and the things you need to consider before requesting us to complete an SQ on your behalf or completing the document yourself.

What is an SQ?

A Selection Questionnaire enables purchasers to identify the most suitable suppliers to invite to tender for contracts.

The document is a universal questionnaire for all interested parties. It contains a request for standardised information and is sent out to all interested parties. Responses are analysed and successful bidders are short listed to receive the full tender documentation.

The SQ is a risk assessment asking if your company is Competent and Capable of delivering the work.

Remember the buyer may receive 100+ SQs and they will need to shortlist down to a limited number of suppliers. They are not looking at ways to keep you in the process! Your SQ has to be detailed, compliant and mitigate any risks in order to ensure it is one of the few that gets selected for the next stage.

By completing SQs it will enable you with more opportunities and will enable you to identify potential clients.

Bid or No Bid?

Before deciding to complete an SQ, you need to answer the following questions:

Can you demonstrate relevant experience?
Is the company financially stable?
Do you have the right people/products in the right places to deliver?
Do you have any history with the organisation? – 80% of companies winning public sector tenders already have some relationship with the organisation!

What do you need to get through an SQ?

2-3 years Accounts
Internal Quality Policy / Procedures – ISO9001:2008 accreditation or working towards it
Environmental / Sustainability Policy, internal or ISO14001 or working towards it
Company Organisation Chart /staff CV’s
Health & Safety Policy – Risk Assessments/Method statements – OHSAS18001 or CHAS
Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy Certification to relevant governing or professional bodies
Testimonials / References – need to align to opportunity
Insurance Certificates – sufficient cover
Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Top Tips for Completing SQ’s

Don’t just tell them What you do by listing Features of your products – remember to sell the Benefits and Value
Always provide demonstrable evidence to back up any statements or facts
Never answer No or negatively –put a positive slant on an answer – ‘Working towards’ or ‘Currently implementing’ – but you will need to provide proof.
Read the formatting instructions carefully, font sizes/word counts etc.
Appendices are supplementary information – if it is relevant and important to the answer, put it in the answer.
Clearly mark any supporting information/appendices
Deadlines are deadlines – they don’t move!

Do you need assistance in completing an SQ or wish to find out what tender opportunities are out there in your market? Please contact our team here: Tender Writer Specialists