Completing ITTs and Bids

We can help you source opportunities and submit tenders, providing a responsive, confidential and professional tender bid management service.

Our bid support teams provide a resource of specialist advice and practical assistance. They will act as professional back up to ensure your tender documents are completed to deadline, are carefully researched and written in a bespoke manner and are of the highest quality.

Firstly you have to start by Completing ITTS and Bids.

What is a Tender?

One of the key ways in which the public and private sector buys, or ‘procures’ goods and services, is via a tender – a formal document which sets out the proposals and requirements of work to be done.

The tendering process allows the buyer to set out their requirements and allows suppliers to submit offers to the tender, showing how they intend to meet those requirements.

The public sector employs more than 25 per cent of the workforce in the UK, which includes:

  • Central government departments and agencies
  • The NHS and its local trusts
  • The Ministry of Defence
  • The Northern Ireland Assembly, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Scottish Government
  • Local authorities
  • Universities
  • Colleges

Whatever your business, there may be a market for it somewhere within the public sector.

Bidding in a Tender

The bidding document that you submit as a potential supplier is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have the skills, experience and organisation to meet the tender’s requirements. If the buyer sets out criteria that you have to meet in order to qualify as a supplier, you must ensure that you outline your matching qualifications, point-by-point.

Where details of previous experience are asked for, you should make these as relevant as possible to the work that is being tendered. As well as showing that you can do the work, the tender will also require you to say how much you will charge for doing it. However, bear in mind, the buyer will not necessarily award the contract to the lowest bidder. Value for money is just as important, particularly for public-sector contracts.

Top Tips for Completing a Tender

Treat the process as a Risk Assessment of your company – you need to mitigate any risk of failure
Allow plenty of time
Research and understand what the organisations drivers and hot topics are.
Read the specification carefully. Ensure you are telling them how you will deliver what They Want. A tender is all about delivering WHAT the BUYER WANTS not just telling them WHAT YOU DO!
Check your finished document back against the original specification – Does it answer all their requirements?
Study the evaluation criteria Price v Quality. This will tell you what is important to the Organisation.
Study the scoring of each section and individual questions within the sections – the higher the marks the more important to the buyer that section/question is.

Klick Business Solutions has many years of experience in creating winning tenders, proposals and presentations, combined with a broad range of experience gained from working with many business sectors, procurement managers and senior buyers.

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