Business Award Writing

If you would like some inspiration on how to get started on your submission of Business Award Writing for an award that interests you, then you need to speak to us.

Klick Business Solutions have written successful award submissions of Business Award Writing for many clients over the years across a wide spectre of industries and we have also run workshops on this topic.

To win a business award, it’s a bit like a tender submission, you have to convince the judges that your organisation makes the grade. The process starts with identifying what the judges are specifically looking for and ensuring you align the content of your submission to this.

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Our Services

Taking ownership of your award submission from start to finish
Identifying what the award criteria is and what the judges will be looking for
Research and gathering information
Storyboarding your entry
Interviewing all stakeholders
Re-writing / editing previous entries or drafts
Training and coaching employees on effective award submissions
Designing graphs and charts for the presentation
Scripting presentations for when a face-to-face presentation is required
Designing the full presentation and leave behind documents
Providing face-to-face presentation training