Basic rules for completing tenders

Some basic rules for completing tenders

We must be explicit and comprehensive in our tender response as this will be the single source of information on which our tender response will be scored.

Never make any assumptions about any past or current supplier relationships with the buyer nor assume that such prior business relationships will be taken into account in the evaluation process. If it’s not written down in your submission it will not evaluated.

We should never make reference to answers used in previous questions but should repeat the information if necessary. The questions are often split up and marked by different people so you will score zero if you cross reference to another answer.

Where a length of response (word or character counts) are stipulated, only the information within the set limit will be evaluated. Additional information will not be evaluated and therefore should not be supplied.

Often there is a big response to a tender opportunity and the buyer will be looking for ways to eliminate submissions as they need to shortlist.  Follow the rules don’t make your submission an easy target for rejection.