SME’s and the Public Sector – A Winning Team!

Last month Klick was lucky enough to be invited to the Mayor of Dudley’s Annual Festive drinks Reception.

When Councillor Dave Tyler was appointed the Mayor of Dudley in May 2017 he pledged to visit 100 businesses based in the Dudley Borough, Klick was selected as one of these 100 businesses. The visit was a huge success and it was great for us to learn about the positive steps our local council is making to support businesses like us to grow and develop. We really enjoyed the visit and the evening with our Mayor, it was brilliant to see so many businesses come together to celebrate what has been a great year.

By 2020 central government has committed that £1 in every £3 you spend will have to go to small businesses.

This is why Public Sector contracts are a great way for businesses to secure regular, reliable contracts. One of the main benefits of securing work within the Public Sector is that more than 80% of undisputed invoices are paid within 5 days with the remainder paid within 30 days.  As an SME ourselves, we know that this is a huge advantage.

Klick Business Solutions is committed to demystifying the tender process and helping SME’s source, bid for and win tendered contracts, in particular Public Sector tenders. We have 20 years experience writing winning bids for businesses. We have close links with the Public Sector and are keen to work with businesses to help them win these fantastic, reliable and lucrative opportunities.

You will also find lots of support on how to grow your business by checking your local council websites, contacting your local Growth Hub and looking at what Innovation Vouchers are available in your area.  There is lots of support out there if you know where to look for it and your Local Council website is a great place to start!

We know that SME’s like us make a huge contribution to our economy. Did you know that we now account for over 99% of all private sector Business? Over the last 6 years almost a million new businesses have been launched creating nearly 2.7 million jobs.

2018 is going to be an exciting year for SME’s and we, as a growing business, are looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.