Our Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa (Or Procurement Managers) Here is our Bid Writers Christmas wish list:

  1. Clear, unambiguous and consistent bidder instructions.
  2. Realistic page or word counts. (preferably more than there are in the question). Please don’t use character counts (we really don’t like them!)
  3. A detailed and tailored specification which fully details your requirements.
  4. Quick  and concise responses to any questions we submit, allowing us time to submit further clarifications if your answers don’t fully clear up any issues.
  5. A clear answer scoring criteria guide, so we know exactly what we need to include to score full marks on each answer.
  6. Please  don’t make us respond in Aerial font 12, it’s awful!
  7. Please let us use graphics, images and tables in our response.
  8. Once we have submitted our completed bid/tender please try to stick to your timeline for evaluation/award or at least keep us up to date with any changes to timelines. We really do wait with baited breath for the outcome.

THANK  YOU SANTA @KlickBusinessSolutions wish you a very Happy Christmas and a good rest in the New Year.

PS cookies and brandy will be left out at 14B Enville Rd, Wall Heath, West Midlands