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Meeting of the client tender team


We always think it's better if you can put a face to the name! Meet all of our client tender team members below or contact them directly at Klick Business Solutions in Birmingham and the Black Country to discuss your tender queries.


Our team here at Klick has over 90 years of experience writing winning tenders, working with and on behalf of companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large international organisations and has recorded notable achievements for those businesses who had previously struggled to secure contracts. The team includes management, experienced SQ and Tender Writers, administrators and researchers who will ensure your tender is tailored to the client and is not just all about you.

Andrea Childs - Managing Director
Andrea Childs


Andrea started Klick Business Solutions in 2006 as the Managing Director, and over the last 17 years she has successfully built the company to having a team of 10 experienced professionals.


Her specialist areas in the world of bids and tenders are Recruitment, the Service Sector and Training in Bid Writing. Her Apple watch is what wakes her up in the morning, before she heads over to the Klick office in Wall Heath. Andrea believes her job role mainly consists of sales, training and motivating. Her biggest achievements since starting Klick were winning ‘Businessperson of the Year Award’ at the Mayor of Dudley Civic Awards, and Klick winning ‘Small Business of the Year Award’ at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards.


A normal weekend for Andrea includes Leeds Utd, drinking in The Park Tavern and going for food at The Balti in Kingswinford. If she could be anyone for the day, she would want to be Prime Minister.

Andrea Childs
Lyn Kympton - Operations Director
Lyn Kimpton


Lyn's journey at Kick started in 2009 and with no previous experience in this field of work she quickly mastered the skill of tender writing and the completion of tender submissions. In 2014 Lyn was promoted to Office Manager, continuing to complete bid submission but also taking on the role of looking after the team and quickly becoming, as she is better known to us, 'our Klick Mom'. Lyn is an integral part of the team and it was inevitable that she would go far, so it was no shock when she was promoted to Operations Director in early 2023 - now she really is the head of the Klick family!


She is woken up every morning by her dog, but the thought of coming to work and looking after the Klick family is what really gets her out of bed. Lyn is very proud of winning her ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from Klick, and one of her biggest achievements was coming Runner Up in the Mayor of Dudley Civic Awards in the Mike Holder Award for Business Category.


At the weekend Lyn enjoys eating good food, drinking alcohol and spending time with her family. If Lyn could be anyone for the day, she would be in charge of the NHS and make lots of changes!

Lyn Kimpton
Andrea Nicholls - HR & Business Manager
Andrea Nicholls


Andrea Nicholls joined Klick in 2008, and her current role is Business Manager. Prior to joining Klick, she worked with our Managing Director Andrea Childs for 4 years in business development for a Recruitment Consultant. Her specialist role within bids and tenders is Recruitment, but her job role also involves HR and Payroll. Andrea would describe herself as a Jack of all Trades, and if she had to describe her job to a child she would say; “I write English essays for a living.” Andrea has experienced many wins and achievements at Klick, but the most memorable one was winning a large-scale contract for a major government department for one of Klick’s much-loved clients.

Her weekends used to consist of the gym and going out for nice meals and drinks, but they now consist of the kid’s swimming/dancing/rugby/football/parties etc. This is then followed by binge drinking to cope with said kids’ activities! Andrea wouldn’t want to be anyone else for the day, as she’s happy with being herself!

Andrea Nicholls
Lee Smith - Tender Operations Manager
Lee Smith


Lee Smith joined Klick in 2013, and is our Tender Operations Manager. Lee considers his specialist area to be Social Value questions and states his greatest achievement at work was completely changing the IT infrastructure within the company (with no major issues!) Another satisfying achievement for Lee was when he won a high pressure bid for a small company, helping them retain their main contract. Lee would describe his role in the office as being calm, being the IT guy and being the know-it-all.


His passion for sports is the main thing that gets Lee out of bed in the morning, and enjoys chilling out on the weekends (when he’s not busy chauffeuring people around!).

If he could be anyone for a day, it would be an Astronaut in space.

Lee Smith
Keeley Miller
Keeley Miller - Tender Co-Ordinator
Keeley Miller


Keeley joined Klick in November 2022, she previously worked in the NHS after completing her A Levels, however at Klick she is hoping to further develop her skills and become a key member of the team.


Outside of work she enjoys art, creating commissions on canvas, and digital art. She also enjoys going on holidays abroad, trying to visit new places every year!

Neil Peters - Office Administration Manager
Neil Peters


Neil joined the Klick family in June 2014 and is Tender Administration Manager. Neil provides administrative support to all tender writers and is a valuable and knowledgeable member of the Klick family, considering his work on tender portals as his specialist area. One of Neil’s greatest achievements at Klick was working on a bid for a client where they initially didn’t expect to win, so he was over the moon when they were successful! He would describe his job role as varied, stressful but rewarding, and if he had to describe his job to a child, he would tell them he looks at computers all day.

Neil spends his weekends running round after his kids, and enjoys having a drink!
If he could be anyone for a day, he would like to be Lyn Kimpton, as he wants to understand what it would be like in her head for the day!

Neil Peters
Ethan Smith
Ethan - Tender Co-Ordinator
Ethan Smith


Ethan joined Klick in June 2023 after attending the University of Wolverhampton where he studied Business Management. Ethan wants to apply what he has learnt throughout his education and use it in a practical business setting and believes that Klick provides great insight into the many aspects he studied at university.


He hopes that he can improve his tender writing skills and has already learnt a lot from those around him. Outside of work, Ethan plays football, goes running and likes to go to the pub, occasionally.

Sam Cheesman
Sam Cheesman - Tender Co-Ordinator
Sam Cheesman


Sam started working at Klick in November 2023 as a Tender Co-Ordinator. Since then, he has increased his tender knowledge and is already submitting tenders – He is now a valuable member of the team!

Sam enjoys watching football, playing golf and reading when he’s not at work.

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