Meet Ben and David – Klicks Newest Recruits!

We are delighted to welcome Ben Lyth and David Moore to Team Klick!

Born in Rosendale, Ben studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Birmingham University. He hopes to bring more colour and rhythm to Klick with his previous experience in a tech firm, that specialised in the cutting edge of paint production, and as an enthusiastic drummer in his Birmingham-based band.

He’s worked at a variety of pubs and says of his experience: “If you’re prepared to wear glasses like this – prepare to be called Harry Potter!” A comparison, he claims, that he has become immune to over the years.

Having pursued a variety of exciting and eccentric events to stimulate his imagination – one of which involved a well-known grouse tradition – he is always seeking new topics to write about in his free time.Ben enjoys reading and creative writing.He supports Manchester United (much to the irritation of some members of the team).

A literature enthusiast, his hobbies include cluttering his house with an assortment of books and filling them with contemplative post-it notes (that can end up anywhere, even in his pillowcases!)

After completing his degree in English Literature at Worcester University, with a dissertation focusing on ‘existential themes in science fiction’, he felt that he hadn’t quite finished with academia, or perhaps academia hadn’t quite finished with him. Either way, he continued his studies in his own time without the guidance of a constitution. From this endeavour he was eventually asked to host a lecture on Colin Wilson,possibly trumping Duncan and Georgina on the intellectual playing field. He joins Lee and Neil in their support of Wolves FC.

We are so excited to be working with both Ben and David – welcome aboard!