Meet Dave!

Meet our newest member of Klick, Dave! In true Klick style, we have asked Dave a few questions for you to get to know him better!


Q: If You Could Have Any Super Power, Which One Would You Choose and why?

A: Fly as can do more on a weekend

Q: If You Were To Name Your Own Song, What Would You Name It?

A: “what a difference a DAVE makes”

Q: Any party tricks we should know about?

A: I can guess what vegetable people are thinking of 70-80% of the time!

Q: Where the best place in the world you’ve been?

A: Malta as I like it hot but not too far to go

Q: If You Could Only Use One Word The Rest Of Your Life, What Word Would You Choose?

A: “again”

Q: Favourite food?

A: Thai

Q: What are your hobbies and weekend activities you partake in?

A: Tennis / badminton / swimming and being with my kids

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working for Klick so far?

A: The people and dynamic environment

Q: You have to pick one member of Klick to take to a party with you, who is it and why?

A: Molly – I sit next to her and prob spoken to her the most so only seems fair

Q: What are you hoping to achieve at Klick?

A: Job satisfaction and to win tenders!