Meet Chloe, Our Newest Tender Writer

Klick Business Solutions is excited to welcome our Newest Tender Writer to the Team, Chloe Blay.

Chloe joined Klick in September after recently graduating from the University of Birmingham, where she gained a BA in English with Creative Writing and also an MA in Creative Writing. Chloe is originally from ‘up north’ so has plenty in common with our Managing Director Andrea, however unlike Andrea who is an avid Leeds supporter Chloe supports Manchester United…..

Chloe used to live in Hong Kong, has eaten Chicken Feet and is now a vegetarian! We were unsure if all these things were connected, but can confirm that student life and her love for animals moved her towards vegetarianism and not the consumption of chicken feet! (which apparently according to Chloe tasted ‘like chicken but Chewy!’)

Chloe has settled into Klick really well and we are all delighted to have her on board.