Klick Culture

The one thing that we refuse to have at Klick is a ‘Toxic working culture’. We do everything in our power to have great working culture , this allows us to consider how we can conduct business for the better. It is important for every employee to gain a happy work-life balance from the beginning of employment.

Work should not be something to dread each day. Although this is not always possible, we try to have a little stress in the atmosphere as possible. We try to have a Klick culture where although at times there may be work related stress, work is still enjoyable.

Klick has a strong teamwork culture, work is a lot easier and less stressful when you realise you aren’t a bunch of individuals but a team. You are there to help and support each other and to spread out the workload. Working in a team is the most efficient way to get something done. ‘Muck in’ is our mantra.


Klick’s Vision

It is vital that all employees know the company’s vision, the goal that is set. This gives a higher purpose and drive to help achieve the targets required to help the company succeed. So whatever day-to-day tasks each employee or ‘pod’ is working on, everyone is working together towards the companies higher purpose. This helps everyone to feel as though what they do matters, and has a measurable impact on the success of the company.


Klick Employee Engagement

Job roles are given to every employee when they join the team. Included in this is a set of guidelines of what is expected of them. This can help with preparing workloads. Regular engagement helps to ensure that every employee is on track with fulfilling their role. Klick management have regular engagement with each employee, whether this is weekly or monthly, management are constantly aware of the jobs each employee is on and whether they need extra help, or on the other hand – need more work to complete. Frequent engagement builds trust between colleagues. Klick management operate an open-door policy – no matter the time, employees are welcome to speak to them about work or home related issues.


Klick Initiatives

Klick as a company find it important to reward hard work, we have bonus schemes in place to help employees to reach individual and team targets and work to the best of their abilities. Klick Employee of The Month is rewarded on a monthly basis and is voted for by each employee. This helps employees to feel proud of their hard work and feel appreciated.

Another initiative is the charity work we have engaged with. Before Christmas we did a lot of work with the Black Country Food Bank. Just this month we have worked with Coats for Kids, collecting children’s coats for families struggling to provide winter clothing for their children. We have also selected 2 chosen charities, A gift to lift and miles for meg, we have a charity quiz night arranged and will also be arranging other events to raise as much money as possible for these charities.

Klick always has nights out planned to enjoy on a social level, this is great for team morale also. Close working bonds help create a great working atmosphere which is what Klick culture is all about.