Holiday Café Project

We are thrilled with our involvement with the Holiday Café Project! Andrea teamed up with this scheme along with other local businesses, politicians and charities to help feed children in Dudley over the 6 weeks summer holidays.

In just 1 Café in Dudley over 1 week, nearly 100 children were provided with a hot meal, drink and ice cream. These children would have gone without should this project have not started.

It’s shocking to read statistics from The Child Poverty Action Group that 70% of children who are living in poverty live in a family with one or more adult in employment. Poverty is real, and is happening on our very own doorstep. We are so happy to have made life a little bit easier for those families over the holiday and look forward to watching this scheme flourish.

Should you want to donate to this scheme or help in any way, please contact us or the scheme direct.