Fundamental Changes to Procurement Processes

There has been recent important news in the world of tendering, with the introduction of the new European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), also known as the Supplier Questionnaire (SQ). This document replaces the previously named Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) document in a move that aims to make the tendering process simpler for bidding companies.

Similarly to a PQQ, the SQ is to be completed by tenderers as the initial stage of the procurement process, with successful companies being invited to submit a full Invitation to Tender (ITT). All SQ documents will be broadly very similar, using the same approved list of discretionary and mandatory exclusion criteria.

This will significantly ease the administrative burden on tendering organisations during the first stage of procurement, with the new format favouring self-certify requests in regards to policies and certification, rather than requiring bidders to upload a host of important documents that ultimately may not be reviewed by the buyer.

The introduction of the SQ means it is far less likely bidders will be repeatedly answering the same but slightly differently phrased questions, causing responses to be unnecessarily re-written and re-invented. Companies who frequently undergo the tendering process can now have their answers to the standard questions and accompanying documents saved and securely stored electronically for easy re-use when needed.

We hope this proves to be long-term benefit to bidders as we know how time-intensive tender submissions can be, even if it initially appears there are not many sections required for completion.

As always, feel free to contact us with any queries you may have regarding the tender process. We offer a full range of bid writing services from providing critiques to assuming responsibility for the entire submission, so please get in touch if you believe this is an area where your business could benefit from additional support.