Frequently Asked Q’s

We get asked the same questions most days at Klick, so we thought we’d answer some of them for you!

Do You Quote On A No Win No Fee Basis?

No – We base our costs on each individual tender you wish us to complete for you. We don’t charge you a day rate – we charge a fixed fee, which is agreed upfront prior to us commencing a project. For each tender we would require you to send us the blank documents, we would then provide you with a quote for that particular tender.


What Is Your Success Rate?

Our success rate is currently over 78%. Just last year alone we won our clients over £290 MILLION pounds worth of business.


Do you do funding bids?

We can, but we tend not to. We generally do not have the capacity to complete them. If you are interested in working for us to specifically complete funding bids, please contact us as we would love to be able to offer more of this service.


Can You Help Us With The Pricing?

We will do everything we can to advise you on how the weighting is set out, However, we cannot complete your pricing for you, as you know your industry better than us.


Can You Get The Docs?

We can get the documents on your behalf if we have the capacity to do so with our workload. If we do not physically download the documents for you, we can talk you through how to work the portal and download them for yourself.


Can You Guarantee A Win?

We can guarantee that we will get the best quality score to our ability. However, if the tender is weighted higher on price than quality, i.e. Price 70% Quality 30%, we will strive to get full marks in this example 30% on quality, but you will need to be competitive on price in order to achieve the 70%  and win the tender overall.


We are more than happy to answer any questions you have, or go into more detail on the answers here. Just give us a call!