Neil joined the Klick family in June 2014 and is Lead Administrator in the Klick office. Neil provides administrative support to all tender writers and is a valuable and knowledgeable member of the Klick family, considering his work on tender portals as his specialist area. One of Neil’s greatest achievements at Klick was working on a bid for a client where they initially didn’t expect to win, so he was over the moon when they were successful! He would describe his job role as varied, stressful but rewarding, and if he had to describe his job to a child, he would tell them he looks at computers all day.
Neil spends his weekends running round after his kids, and enjoys having a drink!
If he could be anyone for a day, he would like to be Lyn Kimpton, as he wants to understand what it would be like in her head for the day!
  01384 279 568
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