Andrea Nicholls joined Klick in 2008, and her current role is Business Manager. Prior to joining Klick, she worked with our Managing Director Andrea Childs for 4 years in business development for a Recruitment Consultant. Her specialist role within bids and tenders is Recruitment, but her job role also involves HR and Payroll. Andrea would describe herself as a Jack of all Trades, and if she had to describe her job to a child she was say; “I write English essays for a living.” Andrea has experienced many wins and achievements at Klick, but the most memorable one was winning a large-scale contract for a major government department for one of Klick’s much-loved clients.

Her weekends used to consist of the gym and going out for nice meals and drinks, but they now consist of the kid’s swimming/dancing/rugby/football/parties etc. This is then followed by binge drinking to cope with said kids’ activities!

Andrea wouldn’t want to be anyone else for the day, as she’s happy with being herself!
  01384 279 568
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