Christmas Party 2019

As the weather’s got colder and the earlier dark nights have started closing in, we have been looking into booking our next Christmas Party and remembering the last! Here’s a reminder of what we got up to!

A Night Out with The Stars – Klick Does the 80s

After a January that morphed from fairly quiet to busy, much to the delight of Lyn – the Klick office was more than ready for the weekend ahead. Or to get ‘wrecked’ as some in the office poetically put it. However, as the final week went by, there was unrest within the Klick clique, for three main reasons:

  1. The withholding of seemingly vital information about the location and event
  2. The intermittent arrival of strange parcels throughout the week
  3. The apparent satisfaction those ‘in the know’ took in everyone else’s ignorance

The only information provided was to meet at Andrea’s at 6:00pm for ‘prinks’ on the Saturday. It’s safe to say that suspicion swept the office like the flu this February. People began to question the leadership of those involved, whispers evolved into stand-alone remarks which turned into outright rants as the anticipation ballooned and the atmosphere reached fever pitch. Lyn, being unable to refrain from getting involved, even resorted to underhand tactics to trick G into blurting information about the event, but G remained strong. Everyone left the office on Friday non the wiser about what was in store for them on Saturday.

Well, Saturday came as we all knew it would and after getting ready and donning our glad rags, (some taking longer than others) we made our way to the Childs’. As we arrived (some mildly later than others) we each received a celebrity welcome as the front door was labelled ‘VIP entrance’ – with a red carpet unfurled. Drink was more or less forced upon us as we made our way through to where the ‘awards ceremony’ was being held – with more lavish decorations, red carpet and stars that had each of our names on. After saying our hellos, and before getting too intoxicated, Andrea took to the stage to present the awards and each member of the team had their moment in the spot light:




Jess – The newest recruit into the Klick team, Jess received the ‘rookie of the year award’ being the best newcomer (and only newcomer at the time?) award – I’m sure Jess has now decided what sort of house this is by now.






Chloe – Two words, office hydration. Chloe received probably one of the most revered awards, at least by Lyn and Andrea, labelled ‘the best tea maker’ (without being nagged) for her dedication to the one known as Ernie.






Aggie – Being the office vegan, Aggie unsurprisingly received the award for ‘corporate social responsibility champion for her car sharing’ – made even more impressive for her having to put up with colleague Neil every morning.








Andrea N – Being a sucker for organisation in many forms, and the formatting guru in the office, Andrea N got the award for ‘most likely to create a spreadsheet to try and solve a problem award’, which although looking neat, apparently rarely do.




Kimpo – Lyn received the Lifetime Achievement award, well… for being Lyn. Whether singing jingle bells all year round, complaining about office droughts or just generally making strange noises. I think everyone agreed it was well-deserved.








Lee – What award do you never give a know it all? One that certifies they know it all. Aptly labelled The Wikipedia award, Lee has helped many a struggling colleague with his encyclopaedic knowledge. (Please read the small print on the certificate).






Georgie – Not a day goes by without G-related gossip and drama in the office, so obviously no-one could have seen this one coming. Literally the biggest drama queen ever, G naturally received the ‘biggest drama queen’ award – how could she not?








Keith –  aka Neil, Keith received the award for being ‘the most likely to lick the boss’s boots in order to advance his career’, evidenced in his relentless provision of cakes and other treats to the office and his superiors.





GML – She doesn’t even go here? GML, when she’s not studying hard, is often at Klick pretending not to hear Lyn’s indirect questions regarding drinks, made worse by the fact she was sat right next to her. For this reasons she was bestowed the ‘selective hearing impairment’ award.






5 past 10 – A genius name derived from the popular Ben 10 cartoon, and a slight embellishment of the truth, Ben received the ‘white rabbit eternally late’ award for always finding new excuses for his lack of punctuality. (I can confirm beer has never been used as an excuse – I’m not that much of a dafty).




After the ceremony and a couple more drinks (I will neither confirm nor deny 5 bottles of prosecco were consumed by the ladies) there was a scramble for the taxi. Once inside, things took a drastic turn as G strolled to the front and revealed what had been in those parcels that arrived during the last week. Fluorescent. 80s. Rave. Gear. She proceeded to dish out the neon headbands, bracelets, glasses and tutus to each of us and as the driver set off, he turned on the minibus’s disco lights and blasted 80s bangers. The night had well and truly kicked off.







After a journey that was a bit of a blur for most, the rabble arrived at Patshull Park Hotel as if from a time machine, garbed in pinks and yellows, accessorised up to the eyeballs. As we made our way through the doors it was disappointing to see that many others had not quite made the effort, with a big shout out to the honey monster and a few others. We settled at our table and were never left thirsty due to the crates of drink in the centre, and the delicious food didn’t touch the sides. However, there was no time to let it settle, no time to hang about as the DJ amped up the music and churned out some classic 80s tunes including gargantuan numbers such as Tainted Love – Soft Cell and Don’t you want me – The Human League, a Neil Peters favourite. Everyone soon flocked to the floor to cut shapes to the synthpop melodies. A special mention goes out to Rob Childs, who gave the team a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness his old-school moves.


Its banal to say but time flies when you’re having fun, watching your colleagues make mugs of themselves, and before long it was time to hang up our tutus and hit the road. Much credit has to be given to Andrea and Rob for making the night possible and the organisational skills of G, who no-one doubted for a second. Being my first outing with the Klick parade, I’ve noted two important things from the experience:

  1. Klick know how to party – perhaps a bit too well
  2. The Klick veterans were chuffed to see the millennials of today enjoying some ‘proper music’