Bid Library

Whether you complete tenders on an AD-HOC or regular basis, we highly recommend you create and maintain a ‘BID LIBRARY’.

When completing ITT’s & SQ’s you will regularly be asked to provide numerous policies, financial information, company structures, etc. We believe these should be stored and kept up to date in your bid library, so they are ready to submit with your tender.  This will significantly reduce time in the tender process.

We have detailed below some of the specific sections/information you should consider setting up when creating your own tender library:


With most tender you will be asked to submit the last 2 or 3 years of accounts (this may only be upon contract award). This allows the buyer to evaluate how financially stable you are. They do make allowances for smaller businesses; however, they may ask for proof of turnover, profit and loss sheets. Therefor it is a good idea to have these all together and up to date in one folder to submit when necessary.


You will be asked to provide confirmation that you hold a specific insurance level and provide your insurance schedule as evidence. Also, depending on your industry you may be asked to confirm you hold specific external accreditation such as: NICEIC for electrical works. Therefor we recommend you store and keep up to date these certificates in readiness.


Such as: Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding, Quality, Customer Care, etc. Tenders normally request you upload these with your submission so it’s always important to ensure they are kept up to date with all current legislation and best practice.


It’s a great idea to have a record of all your previous submissions. Whilst questions do tend to change tender to tender, naturally, some questions will be similar. Keeping a record of your quality question answers will be great to use a base for future tenders. It is a lot easier to build a new answer with a base rather than start from scratch.

SQ’s also tend to be very similar, these will always include your standard company information. Should you already have a previous submitted SQ saved in your Bid Library, it will all be in one place rather than having to gather the information together like you will have done in your first submission.


Testimonials from clients and customers are great to have to hand even if you don’t complete any tenders! They are a good tool for new business, or even just for your website. I personally always have a read through testimonials before I choose business with a particular company.

With references, you need to make sure you check first that they are happy for you to give out their details. The more references you can have the better, then you can use the ones that fit the category of work best.


Most tenders will ask for the details of your staff who will be working on the contract. Therefor we recommend you keep your staff members CVs in your library to reduce time when compiling tenders as you won’t need to try and get the information from staff members who may be on holiday etc. Where possible we recommend putting the staff members photo on the CVs as we have found buyers like to see the people they will be working with.


At Klick we keep libraries for all our clients which helps with efficiency when pulling the tenders together. We periodically review the libraries of our clients to ensure all policies and certificates are up to date, even if we aren’t currently in the process of a writing a tender for them.