Best Place to Work!

If you’re reading this now then there is a reasonable chance you’ve been keeping up with the blogs we’ve been posting on the Klick Business Solutions website over the last few months. If this is not the case, feel free to go back and have a read through and in the meantime we’ll wait right here for you to catch up before we go any further.

Now whether you have already read our truly fascinating blogs or are just returning to this page from doing so (welcome back), you will have noticed the recent award success we as a company have achieved. Firstly, in November we received the Customer Service Award at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards and as recently as last month our Managing Director Andrea Childs was the proud recipient of the ‘Business of the Year’ award at Dudley Council’s annual Mayor’s Ball and Civic Awards.

Well we have no intention of slowing down here at Klick and as a result we have another award nomination under our belt, this time at the Express & Star Business Awards 2016. The award we are in the running for is ‘Best Place to Work’ and it is one we would love to win as it speaks volumes of the great working environment that has been created here in our Wordsley office.

Klick is a thriving SME with a strong commitment to its community, evidenced by employing 100% of its staff from the Black Country region. Additionally, Andrea Childs last year took the decision to turn to graduate recruitment and as a result has employed three young university leavers since September 2015.

It is this diverse age range now existing in the office that has contributed to the superb working relationships every member of staff has which each other. Not only this, but as a business with a one office approach, being in such close proximity to each other every day means we don’t have a choice but to get along!

On a serious note, Andrea and Office Manager Lyn Kimpton are committed to employing the right people for the company. As a small (but ever-growing) group of tender writers, it is really important that any new member of staff is of the right character to be able to work with and support all members of the team on a daily basis. That is the environment that has been created at Klick, one where everyone feels valued as an important part of the business and one where each person knows they will have the help of their colleagues at any time it is needed.

The management team, Andrea and Lyn, do not have their own offices or individual workspaces. They sit in the midst of everyone else on a daily basis to offer guidance and support whilst also listening to any ideas or concerns the rest of the team may have. This constant availability and total lack of ego from the people in charge ensures everyone feels trusted to work hard and produce positive results whilst also utilising the experience and skill sets of those around them.

Job satisfaction is a great source of motivation for any employee and it is this motivation that leads to Klick Business Solutions staff regularly increasing their sales activity, although admittedly the £50 bonus for anyone who brings in a new client is also a contributing factor!

Senior Tender Writer Lee Smith receiving a 'Star Award' from Office Manager Lyn Kimpton for achieving 3 wins for clients in one week

Senior Tender Writer Lee Smith receiving a ‘Star Award’ from Office Manager Lyn Kimpton for achieving 3 wins for clients in one week

As a team that works together day in and day out and still chooses to socialise regularly with each other outside the four walls of the office, we are delighted that Klick’s continuous commitment to its staff’s welfare has been recognised by the Express & Star.

There really is an ‘all for one and one for all’ approach to life at Klick Business Solutions and if you’d like to learn more about the characters that make up our team then be sure to visit the incredibly serious ‘Meet the Team’ page on our website.

So as on previous occasions, we now ask you to wish us the best of luck and keep your fingers crossed for Klick on Thursday 26th May as we look to leave the Express & Star Business Awards 2016 as winners of what would be a third award in a very successful period for the company.