About us

About us:

Klick Business Solutions consists of a team of experienced professionals who work with organisations throughout the UK assisting them with sourcing, researching, writing and presenting SQs and Tender Submissions to the public and private sector. We can and will write your Tender documents for you!

Whether you are struggling with your first tender or are looking for a more professional bid management service we will always…

  • Take the time to understand our clients business and their competitors.
  • We will ensure we deliver high scoring responses that fully describe your experience, skills and capacity.
  • We always ensure your bid is compliant with tender specifications and is submitted to deadline.


The company’s Managing Director Andrea Childs has over 25 years experience in the industry working with and on behalf of companies of all sizes, from SME’s to large International organisations and has recorded notable achievements to those who had previously struggled to secure contracts through a tendered basis.

Andrea’s team includes an Office Manager, 6 experienced SQ and Tender Writers, 3 administrators, specialist document formatters and a researcher who will ensure your tender is tailored to the client and is not just, all about you.


Klick Business Solutions work in partnership on a retained and/or ad-hoc level with its clients offering a truly tailored level of service. Some clients utilise the company to manage the whole process of tendered contracts from sourcing opportunities to document submission whilst others use Klick’s skills to critique and vet what they have written or analyse previous submissions.

Either way Klick can add real value to your company’s sales and business development strategy. Many companies shy away from the tender process put off by the potential amount of paper work it encompasses, however results show that if enough hard work is applied at the outset the rewards are limitless for a business. A lot of the work can also be utilised in future tenders too.


All our work is undertaken in the strictest confidence and in line with the data protection act. Once we accept a project we do not entertain working for any other competitors who approach us to assist them with a submission and no information on who we are representing is ever revealed.

Added Value

At Klick Business Solutions we look to build a partnership style relationship with all of our clients and add value to their business whenever possible. Examples of this are keeping clients abreast of the latest opportunities in the market place, changes to law and legislation and assisting them to produce policy documents and supportive information for their bids including presentations.

For more information on how Klick Business Solutions can help your organisation secure tendered contracts please contact us here for a free quotation.