A Work Experience with Klick

With one school year having recently come to an end and the next one closer than many would like to admit, the nation’s pupils and teachers alike are taking a well-earned six week break from the world of education and are praying for a long and sunny month of August.

One of the academic issues facing schools when September does comes back around is finding valuable work experience for its pupils that will hopefully provide them with a taste of the working world outside the four walls of their classrooms.

At Klick Business Solutions, we are keen to offer pupils the opportunity to spend a week working and learning with us and after having had recent success doing so, will be taking on another secondary school pupil in September.

During the week commencing 27th June, Summerhill School student Toby Williams spent five days experiencing the world of tender writing and learning the processes involved with providing quality bid writing services to a range of clients on a day-to-day basis. Toby enjoyed a valuable week working in our Wordsley office, liaising regularly with potential new clients about the services we provide and getting a glimpse into how we write and present tenders to a highly professional standard.

A clear example of how work experience provides benefits to not only the pupil but also the company willing to give school students an opportunity can be provided as Toby has managed to potentially bring in a major new client for Klick during his five days of work. Toby was sending out speculative emails to companies detailing the current tender opportunities that were relevant to their areas of work and as a result has garnered interest from a highly reputable Irish-based company who operate on a global basis.

Discussions are ongoing with a meeting due soon, but if this is to come to fruition, it would be a major account on Klick Business Solutions’ portfolio. Despite only being with us a week, Toby will potentially leave a long-lasting impact on our future success as tender writing specialists.

Following this success, 15 year-old Kinver High School student Josh Barnes will be joining us for a week’s work experience placement on Monday 26th September. Despite having big shoes to fill after Toby’s successful week with us, we’re sure Josh’s willingness to learn and try his hand at whatever is asked of him will lead to him having an enjoyable week that the both of us will benefit from.

We will all welcome Josh to the team for a week as we always appreciate an extra pair of hands to help us out and we hope that he can return to Kinver High School with a greater understanding of working life and a taste for the world of tender writing.

Klick Business Solutions are continuously looking to further provide social value to our local community and welcome the opportunity to increase the knowledge and skill sets of local pupils within the region. We hope to provide all our work experience pupils with a broader knowledge that will improve their communication skills within industry and add a new and positive perspective to working life.

We benefit from the fresh ideas and energy school students bring with them during their week with us and are therefore happy to be contacted in regards to future work experience opportunities.

If you would like to enquire about work experience or any other of our bid writing services, please do not hesitate to get in touch via any of the methods provided in the ‘Contact ’ tab of our website.