Small Business Sunday 2016 (Meeting Theo!)

Friday 12th February was a date that had been marked down in the Klick Business Solutions diary months in advance and a day that we as a business had been eagerly looking forward to.

Last week Managing Director Andrea Childs and Office Manager Lyn Kimpton represented Klick at the 2016 Small Business Sunday (SBS) event, hosted by famous TV Dragon and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. Before we go on to explain the event itself, it’s probably best we provide you with some context as to what SBS is and why it is such a valuable initiative.

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Officer Manager Lyn (left) and Managing Director Andrea (right) proudly displaying Klick Business Solution’s SBS Winners Certificate.

Mr Paphitis, also well known as the Chairman of Ryman Stationery, Boux Avenue and Robert Dyas, recognised one Sunday afternoon the great resource that social media can be as a tool for enabling small businesses to network and promote the valuable work they do. The idea was then formed that every Sunday afternoon between the time of 5:00PM and 7:30PM, Theo would choose to endorse six small businesses through the form of a retweet. Every week since, Theo has used his Twitter account to look through the vast amount of tweets he receives and personally select half a dozen businesses he believes are worthy of recognition for the services and dedication to best practice they provide.

In June 2015, Klick Business Solutions were ecstatic to be selected as one of the six businesses Theo Paphitis decided to give widespread exposure to. This was a great compliment to us as a tender writing company with a consistently strong commitment to quality output and excellent customer service, as we’re sure it was to the 1500 other winners from the past five years who joined us at The ICC in Birmingham on Friday.

Not only was this a fantastic networking opportunity for us but we also received plenty of valuable advice from Mr Paphitis who took the stage to discuss with us all the importance of being passionate about your business and letting that passion shine through and reflect in the work you do. Theo was entertaining, passionate, as were his fellow guests on the Question and Answer panel.  Mike Pickles founder and owner of ‘Really Useful Products’ and Holly Tucker, founder of the amazing .

Theo announced that a new website exclusive to SBS winners would be up and running in 2016 which all the winning companies will be able to use as a platform to showcase our products and services. This was an exciting development for all of the small businesses in attendance as any chance to promote our work or gain further exposure is an opportunity we welcome with open arms.

After lunch we were all given the opportunity to ask questions to the panel of Theo, Mike Pickles and Holly Tucker. All provided great advice and insight, one notable nugget of wisdom coming from Holly Tucker who answered a question regarding the best way to deal with a complaint by immediately replying that it should treated as a gift. She went on to explain that complaints are free business advice and that it will help you continue to provide better services to your clients in the future. It is not always an easy thing to do but it is more valuable to take it on the chin and take proactive action rather than worry and take the negative feedback personally. The final Q&A to the panel was how to handle competitors; Holly talked about collaboration whereas Mike took an alternative angle and talked about warfare and aggression! – PRICELESS.

Mike Pickles, Holly Tucker and Theo Paphitis take questions on a wide range of industry issues.

Mike Pickles, Holly Tucker and Theo Paphitis take questions on a wide range of industry issues.

One of the most memorable quotes of the day was from Theo – Fantastic words of wisdom… “When you find good people, put your arms around them and don’t let them go” – Something at Klick that we strongly believe in. (Super gluing them to their seats!)

We had a fantastic day interacting with and learning from a range of other business owners and experts and the main thing we took away from this superbly organised, brilliant and FREE event is that we must keep moving with the times. We need to keep on top of technology and keep on top of our business, something that we will strive to achieve to keep the tender writing services we deliver at a consistently high standard for all of our valued clients.

We really can’t speak highly enough of SBS as a platform for companies like us and we would urge you to get involved if you have a small business that you are passionate about. If you are able to show your passion in 140 characters then take the opportunity to tweet Theo Paphitis on Sunday between 5:00pm and 7:30pm and you might even be lucky enough to meet us at next year’s event!