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What is a Training Policy?

A Training Policy outlines in detail your organisations approach to the training it provides your staff with in order for them to fulfill their respective roles to the best of their ability.

The policy should cover the level of training, subject matter, frequency, methods and responsibilities of those conducting the training, what training is conducted internally and externally, continuous personal development of staff and the monitoring methods of training.


Why do you need a Training Policy?

A Training Policy offers reassurance to your customers that your staff are adequately trained to carry out their roles to the required level and that the company is continually investing in and developing its workforce. It will also have a positive effect on your recruitment and retention of staff if you can demonstrate your organisation are committed to their ongoing personal development.

When bidding for public or private sector tenders you will more than likely in most cases be asked to provide information on and/or include a copy of your Training Policy with your submission.


What can we offer?

Klick Business Solutions can provide a templated Training Policy that you can tailor and use to your exact requirements. The document is a comprehensive policy document suitable for public sector tenders and private sector tenders of all types.

We can also liaise with you and write a bespoke policy document for your organisation if you wish?

For more details on our Training Policies, please contact us here.


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