Sourcing & The Benefits of Tendered Contracts..


Sourcing Tendered Contracts

You can identify and source public sector contracts in a number of different ways including:

• Following up contract notices published in newspapers and trade magazines.
• Searching Contracts Finder - the new government tender notices portal:
• Searching TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) free for 'above threshold' contracts (with a value that exceeds the threshold above which an invitation to tender must be published throughout the European Union (EU):
• Search for University Tenders:
• Subscribe to a tracker site e.g. BIP - Tender Tracker Service 
• Look at local Council websites
• Opportunities in Wales:
• Opportunities in Scotland:


The Benefits of Tendered Business

There are many benefits to securing tendered contracts in both the public and private sector and these include:

• Central Government alone spends around 13 Billion a year on goods and services. There is very little that is not bought within the confines of the public sector.
• The Public Sector still procures even in economic downturn.
• Guaranteed income, timely payment.
• Secure business for pre-determined time.
• Credibility / portfolio / knock on effects.
• Submitting a Tender can clarify your company's aims
• You can see through evaluation how company's judge your strengths and weaknesses
• It raises your company's profile


If you would like assistance in trying to source new opportunities for your business either in the public or private sector contact us here.

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