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What is a Contract Implementation Plan?

A Contract Implementation Plan contains a time lined schedule of activities which form part of the implementation of a contract.

Each activity has a title and is usually contained in a specific category such as personnel or materials etc. These activities are also coded so every stakeholder can see whose responsibility it is to undertake or participate in each activity.

The plan prompts you to think about and include specific tasks to complete the implementation of a contract on time and in line with its requirements.


Why do you need a Contract Implementation Plan?

When applying for a tender you will more than likely be asked to supply a methodology and implementation plan of how you envisage implementing the contract against the set specification and criteria. A contract Implementation Plan clearly illustrates your understanding of the work needed to be undertaken and shows your ability to plan effectively.

The contract implementation plan can be used over and over again on lots of contracts and helps you understand how to effectively plan the people, processes, resources and material needed within a set period of time.


What can we offer you?

Klick Business Solutions can provide a templated Contract Implementation Plan that you can tailor and use to your exact requirements. The document is a comprehensive plan suitable for use in public sector tenders and private sector tenders of all types.

We can also liaise with you and produce a bespoke Contract Implementation Plan for your organisation if you wish?

For more details on Contract Implementation Plans, please contact us here.


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